Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update, Leo is NOT pissed.

First off, I would like to emphasize that the belly pics below are from the previous babies.  I am not that huge yet!  
Second, although probably more important than first, I am happy to announce that we told the boys the big news about the newest, bluest, baby boy due to arrive in the fall.  Leo had been really pulling for a girl, telling everyone "well, I'm just DYING for a sister".  I was sort of dreading shattering his dream, but once again he proved most amazing boy I know.  We cushioned the news with, you are going to have TWO brothers JUST like DAD!  It was an easy sell from there.  After brainstorming all of the boy activities that, as oldest brother, he will be in charge of, he announced "Well, at first I thought I needed a sister, but now I dont want one, and I would have been really mad if I found out that I was going to get one."   So special.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only Blue Will Do Thank You.

Oh Boy, here we go again!  Yes, let's just continue with fuzzy baby blue.  I do love that color.  Two seconds into the ultra-sound today we spotted the penis.  I never doubted it, but it was fun to imagine that there just might have been something different in the mix.  Truly it is a relief for me, but Leo is going to be totally pissed.

This is a little trip down memory lane to Belly #1, the morning of Leo's arrival.
Then Belly #2, Finn.
Belly #3 is huge already.  Will I ever be skinny again?  This might be the last straw for my ass.
Thank goodness they are all so handsome and sweet, especially when they aren't wielding sticks and breaking my stuff.  
What will we name this new Baby Boy?  I have no idea.    
Will he be another 10 pounder?  Green eyes or Blue?  Fussy tummy?  Fussy who knows what or why at the witching hour?  This time around I am buying a baby hammock, they look comfy and SOOTHING.  I will sit nearby and tap it with my foot every so often.  That should do the trick.    

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Love Mother's Day!

Mother's Day should happen once a month!
I was treated to chocolate orange brioche french toast in bed, cards, and kisses.  Then we were off to breakfast #2 at Mom's, sausage, bacon and heavenly rhubarb crisp.  Home in time for super nap or maybe it was a sugar coma?  Then off again for an afternoon hike through the rhodies and trails at Pt.D.  The boys are so much fun to hike with.  Lots of keen observations of nature and running with sharp sticks.  There were mud pits galore on the trails which added to the fun.  All that running brought our appetites back in time for everybodys favorite East West take-out.  Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey there!

Oh my, it appears I got pregnant and forgot to blog for 4 months. 
Oh well, not so sure anyone is reading this anyways, and if you are I probably saw you last weekend, which was so much fun by the way!  
SPRING: Today between rain and wind there were two hours of sunshine.  Leo and I loved every minute of it, we went walking and visited every cherry tree in the neighborhood.  We let their heavy branches tickle our heads and pretended we were caught in pink snowstorms.  It is so fun to walk and talk with Leo, we hold hands and point to our favorite flowers, talk to cats, pick up white rocks, and visit our friends.  I feel like we have had the longest winter ever and it is finally, finally over!  Yipppeee!