Saturday, November 28, 2009

5 times the fun!

Leo is 5!
He's the biggest brother.
5 sounds so much bigger than 4.
You get real Legos, lots of them, when you turn 5.
You also get stuck picking them all up at the end of the day, even if your 3 year old brother helped scatter them.
5 year olds go to school, wipe their own butt, and get in trouble for hitting, even if your 3 year old brother started it.
A few of his most favorite ways to spend the day:
Going to the beach with Dad.
Going to the zoo with Dad.
Going to the toy store with Dad.
Baking and cooking with Mom.
Asking questions.
Making loud sound effects.
Telling stories.
Listening to stories.
Listening to Mom talk on the phone and interjecting often.
Not listening when whatever is said doesn't suit you.
Going for walks.
Collecting rocks and sticks.
Making weapons out of anything and everything.
Bossing his 3 year old brother.
Playing with neighbors and cousins.
Kissing and cooing at the new baby.
Eating raisins and fruit but never dinner.
Drinking milk and juice but never water.
Watching cartoons.
Going to Grandma's for dinner,but not really eating dinner,
just playing with her toys and watching cartoons.
Getting tucked in by Dad.