Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Indian Summer

I love how this summer dragged on and on.  Every time I step outside I think "hey, wow, it's pretty nice out today!"  I think we relished it as much as a busy bunch can.  One of my favorite fall weekends was a trip out to Joemma with the boys and the Arnetts.  We had so much fun Saturday that we came back Sunday to roast hotdogs on the bonfire and beach comb until we had too much to carry back.  On Sunday, Laura came along and documented the sweetness of the day.  Finn entertained the women by the fire, while the bigger boys did all the beachy things that bigger boys do.  You know, like driftwood sword fights and log climbing.  Joemma is so pretty and I love driving out on the Peninsula on a golden autumn day.  

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Awww, My Baby Turns TWO!

I just LOVE this little guy, he is silly, sweet and a real toughie.  He is often my comic relief and always my best excuse to slow down and cozy up at home. 
Above, you can see that he spent his summer mastering this fantastic grin.
Below, CLASSIC! What can I say? we both love a good party!
How handsome is Leo?  Notice the awesome matching outfits.
Two Two's

And so I could muse on about oh this! and oh that!  but I really can't because there is too much emotion for words.  More babies for me?   I mostly only consider it when I drive past the hospital, Oh the wonderful hospital vacations!  I know some people think it is crazy, but each time I loved those first few days full of nurses and pudding and no reason to get out of bed.  Especially the second time, when Rachel and Will were there to keep us company.  The other times that I wistfully think of babies are when all the cute clothes only go up to 24 months.  What is up with that?  Four year olds deserve foxes on their sweaters and hats too!