Monday, February 22, 2010

thank you sunshine!!!

gardeners in the making, we start 'em early.

thank you to the sunshine.
we have spent the past week OUTSIDE! and spring arrived just in the nick o time. we were beginning to treat each other rather rudely indoors. being able to picnic on the front porch in the sunshine is like medicine to our cabin fevered hearts.
thanks for the pink anemone janice! you inspired me to hound ben enough to get my white one moved to the appropriate place in the garden and i have some set aside for you! we also moved the hostas and ferns that have been suffering three summers of sunburn (ever since we chopped down the giant tree that shaded the "shade" garden), we also weeded, pruned, turned soil, AND planted peas and lettuces. it looks like a bunch of mexicans bombarded my yard! WOOT! WOOT! but it was really just my wonderful husband ben and the sunshine!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a rapt audience

leo is always talking, he just has so much to say.
thankfully, there is now someone who hangs on his every word.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

face paints

The owl and the football player.
we got these face paints to accompany the dress-up wardrobe. they have been such a hit and really fun for the boys to use on their own in the bathroom mirror.
these faces were joint effort with just a little assistance from me.

finn did everything but the eye and the beak
according to leo this is a football helmet
the owl and the football player

moments of nice and sweet

these boys can be seriously rambunctious and rascally.
no biting! use your words! hitting hurts!
but then there are their moments of total boyhood sweetness.

oh so busy, doing things like...

convincing little boys to take off their p.j.s
changing diapers
changing diapers
(ok that cycle can just be considered perpetual)
snatching moments to craft
shame on me, in january i became even more addicted to hulu
walking the neighborhood, searching for signs of spring!

here are some pics of the revamped craftroom bed, pillow fabric courtesy of heather!



this made me feel pretty pleased in the midst of the most wintery month.