Sunday, July 27, 2008

And Since I Skipped June...

I love a good walk on the trails at Pt. D.  This was back in June, pre-do-it-yourself-haircut on Leo.  Someone should make a video on how to become a mama barber in one day.  This was also the first day of Finn's new biggest smile.  I would love to post a photo of it but my laptop is about to be thrown out the window.   


Glimpse: My Back Porch

This is what we do in the earliest of morning hours when nobody really wants to be awake but for some reason we are.  Finn loves feeding the kitty and reorganizing the back porch while I make coffee and try to feel excited about waking up with the birds.  The kitty loves this routine too, rough love accompanied by endless amounts of cat food.  
The back porch is such a crap trap, I just finally got rid of the pink wine that Heather had bought for Holly for craft night back in March.  And by "got rid of" I dont mean consumed.