Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Action Sequence

A belated but necessary look at the action packed
6th BIRTHDAY (!!?!!)
in honor of Leo Howard.
I have never been completely brave enough to throw a real little boy party on my own until this year. As in, 4 extra boys getting dropped off by their moms for two hours of the world's spazziest little boy fun. The party theme was "indian" but more specifically northwest coastal native american. Everyone was in character, each with a "Button Blanket" of sorts, which I could not have made without my powerhouse of a crafty mom (thanks mom!). She cut out the animals and I sewed them onto the blankets. Everyone picked out their own animals and gathered round the table for some pizza and apples.
After pizza, the blankets had a predictable super power effect on the boys who were flying up and down the stairs, through the kitchen and up onto the living room furniture, over and over, like monkeys running laps. I had Erika, my mom, and Ben for back-up, but after only a 1/2hour I really started to question my original thinking that two hours would be the perfect length of party time. We pow-wowed and as Erika stood by giggling, I pounded a beer and took control of the situation. I really got into my character of ring-leader, and could not help but giggle too, as I managed to get 6 boys to jump through most of my hoops.
We made up games. We took lots of pictures. We crafted totally awesome shell and bone bead necklaces. We read a forest story and talked about animals and sasquatches.
We raised a Totem Pole.
Seconds later we kicked it down.

And then it was finally time for cupcakes and presents. Phew!
Leo had a blast. He was probably the biggest spaz of all for most of the afternoon, but he was truly in party mode.