Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Is Dwindling......

There are moments
that make you wish summer would last forever.
Also tastes, unconditional warmth, and lots of day light.
If I could pick and choose what it would take to make me feel summer's love all year round:
Salt water swims
the Sprinkler
Farmer's markets
Backyard parties
Honey bees
Naked boys
But we have had a lovely summer.
We made a list of fun stuff to do at the start and have managed to jot satisfying little x's next to most of that fun stuff.
And now here we are, two days til Kindergarten and feeling a little stirred up with emotions that run the gamut. I could go on...and on....and on about that!
But instead, how about a list of things I love about fall and winter:
3 little boy birthdays
puyallup fair
pumpkin farm
shit! writing this list of stuff I actually love is making me feel depressed and 90 yrs old, moccasins and soup? yes. fuck. who am i kidding? i sort of hate winter. i may as well admit that i spend a shit load of time watching or looking forward to watching survivor and NBC thursdays. also fantasizing about a closet full of cashmere pajamas. but this winter i am going to PAINT and WRITE and READ NON-FICTION. Also see one live music show per month. it wont be so bad.
I will post a photo recap of summer to lift my spirits back to their proper place, after all, there are still 2 whole days left to pick berries and stroll the market and run naked through the sprinkler.
So here it is...summer2010 in chapters

Chapter 1: Abe's Busy Summer

Everybody LOVES Abe.

Leo: "Mom, I really miss taking a bath in the sink. Please can I get in there with Abe?"

His summer activities included tiger wrestling and cooking.

A rare evening alone with mom and dad in the backyard

Brother love can be intense. Fights have broken out amongst those vying for his attention.

He does love a good party. He recognizes the beauty of enough loving arms to keep his toes from ever touching the ground. The good life.

Chapter 2: The Rolling Huts

Ben and the bigger boys took a trip to Winthrop back in June to visit the Rolling Huts.
It was posh "camping" with lots of fun that could only be had with Dad. When I talked to them on Day 2, Leo said "It's so awesome, we got pistols AND ice cream. Enough said.

This shot above is one of my favorites that Ben took. I am hoping to get a group of painters together a couple nights a month in the dead of winter, and I want to put this one on canvas. Probably because it already looks like a painting.

Armed and dangerous hiker. Pistol, binoculars, walkie talkie, and ninja moves.
Finn's favorite pose of the season, which coincidentally was Leo's favorite pose LAST summer.

I guess it was hot as shit inside the luxury huts. Again, so glad they had so much fun without me.

Chapter 3: Finn's Summer Wardrobe

It's either the tie-dyed shirt from Camp SuperFun or his Birthday Suit, that's it.

Please take a moment to admire our "Lettuce Trees".
Hands down, the most impressive specimens in this summer's kitchen garden.
We had four, but Finn picked the green ones "because, I thought we could eat them for dinner tonite."

Chapter 4: Alderbrook

Every so often, we get incredibly lucky and go on vacation in style with my brother and Rachel. Alderbrook was soooooo FUN! A perfect summer moment.


And our friends who live there
And swimming in warm salty water
And blackberries
And chipmunks
And Key Center

Chapter 6: Ready to Roll

He really is BIG and bold and so much more brave with every bit of time that passes.
Training wheels off, no big deal after a bit of practice with Dad. Other stuff too, like wandering around the 6th ave farmer's market with his neighbor buddy like they owned the place. Last year he wouldnt even go for his hate of the people in costumes and all racket from the local music stage. We even made an appointment at Supernova for a haircut tomorrow that he seems to be looking forward to. He didn't kick the dentist last week. He is convinced that he has found his mate for life. He takes all sorts of adventure bites. He would prefer to spend afternoons at the neighbor's. And he starts Kindergarten on Thursday. So many adventures to come for this guy.

"We should get a motor boat like Larry's, because you know how much Dad loves beer. You just go in the cabin, open the seat, and BEER PARADISE!"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This Morning

Our farmer friend Val has chickens. Once you've had the farm fresh eggs, you are ruined for life on the ones from the store. They are so different it is gross. When I move to Vaughn or Vashon or Europe or Mexico, I am getting chickens for sure. And a goat. There was a goat at the farmers market on a leash. So cute.