Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Stack some oranges, slurp some noodles, and sweep the crap from last year out the door!

I am ready for a NEW new year! We spent most of January either barfing our brains out or blowing our noses, so we are definitely in need of a fresh start!
The Barf-o-rama that took place, though not ideal, was the quickest way you could ever put an end to that previously mentioned month long binge of cocktails, eggnog, and sugar that seem to be so deeply engrained in my idea of holiday tradition. No need to ween whatsoever after that tough bug. But we recovered and have moved on to a greenish tinted snot that just wont stop. Lovely times, January.

Inspired by the Kung Fu P.J.s that Leo and Finn have been clocking a lot of time in since Halloween (SEE PICS), and in anticipation of the year of the rabbit, AND any excuse to pretend I am Chinese, we decided to have a New Years Tea party with the Witecki girls during a recent playdate.

This is one of those moments where I can brag about having my pie and eating it too. One might think tea parties are on the verge of girly, but throw in unlimited access to a sugar bowl, blackberry pie, and kung fu p.j.s...they were all over it. And it was oh so cute. The girls kept the Fisher Price record player wound up the entire time. They also kept things polite and tidy with British accents. The boys LOVED every moment of it, and even Abe found his chance to crash the party.

Then today, at Leo's school, his class put on a New Year parade for the school. It was out with the Tiger and in with the Rabbit. The costumes were amazing, they had a dragon, a monkey, a flower, and a bunch of bunnies and lantern carrying tots. A kindergartner from another class came around the corner to face the unexpected sight of Tiger and completely burst into tears. I should have taken her picture. However, one loop around the school was enough to land more than a few of Leo's classmates in the same tearful boat. It was quite funny.
And as a side note, just admire the before and after pictures of one seriously handsome haircut.
Happy new new year!

We call him Budgie (pronounced BOOODGIE) because it fits.

But also Budgenie, because he's magical.
And Budgenius, because he's smart.
And Budger, because he thinks he's in charge.
And Budge, and Juju, because we humor him when fuss erupts.

Good times with Stella and Rocky Dog.
And did I mention that he finally grew some teeth?
Such a Budgie!