Thursday, May 27, 2010

Springtime in the Garden

There are soooooooo many flowers in our garden just waiting to BURST! If we had just one morning of sunshine my garden would absolutely explode. But as it is there are all of these beautiful buds waiting patiently and looking very lovely in the endless shower of misty warm rain.
Everyday we go outside to observe the progress of springtime in the garden. The boys love an exciting discovery like the first red poppy to spread it papery petals. There are many keen observations that are announced with "Mama! I see signs of Spring!" Hostas poking their horns through the dirt, fragile peony stems, and seedlings that start so small but will amazingly grow into 10 foot tall sunflowers! I LOVE springtime in the garden. It is rather magical. Plant a seed and let mother nature take it from there. No watering to be done, the weeds come out of the moist earth effortlessly, and the sun never beats down in a way that makes gardening feel chorish.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abe and Finn, The Daytime Duo

Weekday mornings can be a scene of mass chaos at our house. It all depends on which side of the bed a certain 5 year old tyrant wakes up on. It occurs to me that his bed is in the corner of the bedroom, so there really is only one side he can get up on. Maybe this is the problem? Note to self: rearrange the bedroom furniture asap. Hopefully with summer break arriving in less than two weeks we will be eliminating some of the morning drama. Stop by and see Leo in his pajamas for 3 months straight, because I am sure he will see no reason to change out of them as long as we are on vacation. As it is right now, he will change for school, let me rephrase that... he will put clothes on top of his pajamas for school BUT ONLY MONOCHROMATIC THEMED OUTFITS. This can be problematic if certain choice outfits do not make it through the laundry cycle the night before, he is a no substitutions kind of guy.
But once Leo heads off to school and Ben is at work, I am left with the daytime duo of Abe and Finn. They are quite the happy companions. Finn sees the baby routine as an opportunity for blissful laziness and a lot of snacking. Starting with Abe's morning nap, this is the time Finn spends lounging on the bean bag chair snacking, reading, watching videos, or happily cutting paper into tiny pieces with his own scissors. If it is sunny we might make it outside for some gardening. When Abe wakes up there is more snacking to be done, and then it is playtime.

Every so often Finn gets to go to school with Leo, and this morning was one of those days. He decisively announced that he would be going to school today, got dressed cheerfully and was welcomed with enthusiasm by his classmates. Leo's teacher is so nice to invite him to drop in anytime and she is so excited about having him there next year. It is actually kind of hard for me to leave him there. He just seems so little to me still, and I really miss him when he is gone. It is sooo quiet at the house when he is at school. So I was sitting here thinking, wow, this is how it will be three mornings of the week next year! What will we ever do to entertain ourselves? I'm sure we'll think of something.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A horse named Vicky

I have no idea where the name came from. Well, I mean it came from Leo, but of all the names in the universe, our horse is named Vicky. I love Vicky. I got her a couple years ago at a yard sale. (see May '08 post) The lady wanted something like $50 bucks for her. I'm sure it was more of a sentimental price tag than the fact that she was in perfect vintage condition. But I had to point out to the lady that one of my boys would likely break their arm while riding the horse and it would be an added expense that I had to consider. I think she cut the price in half based on the merit of my good argument. So far though, there have been no broken arms. Maybe a few scrapes on the rusty springs or a couple of bonks on the nose when she bucks, but otherwise Vicky is a trusty old horse. One time the neighbor kid came over and commented 'I cant believe that stupid old thing still even works.' I was so offended I could have sprayed him with the garden hose. He's one of those neighbor kids that is a tv/video game loving only child who drives me crazy on purpose and will inevitably be showing up in my yard everyday for the next 15 years. But when he does, I will not stand for him dissing on Vicky.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

around the maypole with gregory

Gregory the mini pony was a special guest at today's may day celebration. He was so cute with his poofy afro mane of hair and sparkly bulging eyes. Finn was prepared to ride him, but settled for a little walk around the maypole instead.

Holding Finn's hand is Adalene. She has loved Finn ever since she first laid eyes on him. She thought he was a girl for the first couple of months, but likes him just as much as a boy. She is the oldest of three girls and cuter than a cabbage patch kid.
This is Miss Paula and Roan. Roan is Leo's favorite rascal buddy.
We have less than a month left of Leo's time in the Waldorf kindergarten yard. Then it will be off to public school at Bryant Elementary in the heart of beeeeeautiful hilltop Tacoma. A stark contrast on the exterior, but I think the montessori program there is the best option we have for free school. Then it will be Finn's turn for Miss Paula's kindergarten yard.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

95th Birthday Party

My Grandma turned 95 years old on April 25th!
It is sweet to see how the oldest and the youngest love each other so.

Monday, May 3, 2010

pet caterpillar

sunrise beach with the howards

sunrise beach finn

sunrise beach leo

catching up, starting with easter

well, a while back there was easter.
we drove to spokane.
it sucked.
the drive, that is, spokane is okay.
we always stop in moses lake, and this day the beach was out and someone before us had built a castle and dug a deep hole.
so much fun.

until you fall in.