Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweet Tattoo

Heather, my famous photographer friend, swung by the other day and gave me a quick lesson on my mom's fancy new digital camera that my dad can only seem to part with for an hour or two at a time.  I hate all of the complicated buttons and buttons and more buttons.  It is about as intimidating as a jammed copy machine.  I love my manual Nikon, but alas I have not bought a roll of film in months!  Heather managed to give me a load of courage and handy tips in about 5 minutes, but better yet she snapped this adorable picture of my little rascal while doing it.... as Leo would say, Kanks Hever!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Long Weekend!

I love a long weekend.  This one was full of fun for me.  On both Friday and Saturday mornings my mom and I took the green truck out on the town and hit every garage sale in the north end.   I think that this is the first time I had made a morning (or two) of it since babies.  I love other peoples junk, but I hate their dirty ugly crap, and so the patience and time that is required in order to find the good stuff had not really been easy to find until now.  I have also had a change of heart toward my old friends Goodwill and Value Village, having not had it in me to frequent these spots for a few years, I now find them totally fucking gross.  But again, I know it is just a matter of putting up with a few stinky visits before I might strike gold and find something great, but alas I think I would rather hit the yard sales where at least there is fresh air and sunshine and maybe even some entertaining people watching.  I would say that 5 of the 15 that we went to were worthwhile and I scored some pretty fun stuff, although I have to say my definition of having scored has really changed, but wait 'til you see what I got!  On Friday at our last stop I got TWO handmade cherokee indian head dress souvenirs straight from the trading post in Texas.  For one thing they are soooooo funny cute AND it was a god send that there were TWO, you wouldn't believe the scuffles that break out over the silliest lone items at our house, I would give you an example of one of these hot items but you can assume that mostly everything in the house falls into this only one of category.  So the next morning we were off again and I found a baseball mit for $1, and then the best ever bouncey horse, and then a vintage red vinyl purse that holds two bottles of wine perfectly.  I couldn't have been more pleased with my loot!  So we parked the horse in the back yard and had a little shin dig to celebrate our day of sunshine and cheap fun.  This was my second favorite part of the weekend, hanging out with Melissa and Erika and their families.  It is so fun to get all of our little boys together and watch them run around naked partying and showing off for each other.  It is also great to have good friends who are moms like me, but who I have known for so long that it feels like we are a bunch of big silly kids when we get together.  So Sunday was a lazy day, but as I was falling asleep I was still thinking about the headresses and bouncey horse, and how I have been wanting a big teepee for some time now, and I decided that I needed to turn my backyard into an indian camp.  So today I built a great big teepee out of bamboo poles and cute fabric.  We put our camp together and the boys were totally in character by early evening. 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Snapdragon is Back!

I have FINALLY accomplished getting going with Etsy and now my head is spinning with the possibilities.  I am freaking out, I might not sleep tonite, I might not ever have to have a real job again!  There are people selling beads by the bunches and they've sold like 3456 of them!  Or the little purse pouches at 10 bucks a pop.  Or hair pins,  or cards, or matchboxes, or birthday banners, or little drawings, or homemade t-shirts and stickers and magnets.  I am totally fucking awed by the thousands and thousands and thousands of possibilities...I am really excited.  I want to stay home tomorrow and shut myself in a room and start a list of all the things I want to make and sell.  Hold me to it people!!!  I can do it!
So I listed my two collages from girls weekend.  You can see them at Etsy, seller name snapdragontacoma.  
PS I love everyone's notes and pictures from girls weekend.   They are so fun.

Friday, May 2, 2008

May... finally!

I celebrated May Day by going to Bainbridge Gardens, it was such a lovely nursery!  I went there to pick up an Annabelle hydrangea and walked around fantasizing about buying one of everything else.  I wish my backyard were a jungle!  right now it is like a logging camp, I just have to remind myself, I have a vision, I have a vision.  I am most wanting a climbing rose and will be starting project giant bird nest soon.  
This will be a gardening weekend with all of the plants arriving from Leo's preschool fundraiser.  I got three flats of delphinium for the good cause.  I think everyone should start dividing and sharing all of their favorites.  

Here are Leo and Dylan in front of last years Annabelle.  
The top pic reminds me that I need to plant sunflower and nasturtium seeds this weekend!