Friday, September 17, 2010

And then there were two

Loving the school days routine.
We have been walking to and from school, it is so nice to get out first thing in the morning for a big breath of fresh air. We pick apples, find treasures, and watch the leaves turn a bit more everyday. This morning, in the misty fog we looked for dewy spider webs and found them EVERYWHERE. The spiders are amazing this year building their webs in every nook, cranny and pathway of the yard. The other day I ran out to my car to grab something and one had built a giant web from my steering wheel to the passenger door. A startling surprise that kind of freaked me out until I quickly assessed that the spider was not actually on or near me. It was right in the middle of it's big beautiful new web of course! The daytime duo and I even sprung for some orange, green and purple spider lights from target. Never too early to start celebrating halloween, as it is one of my top 2 favorite holidays.
Leo is liking school some days. I think he likes it much more than he lets on. Best words from him were:
"school is pretty good. half bad, half good. Is the year almost over?" and "today was better. I didn't have to ask about you because when I say your name it makes me cry." But this was all said during week 2, and now we have just wrapped up week 3. I still hear "school is the worst!" more often than I would like, but at the end of the day I think he is glad he went.
We skipped Monday and hit the fair. It was awesome if you love scones, ice cream, animals, pumpkins, and watching the boys have a blast on 3 tiny rides. I do. My favorite thing besides all of that stuff was mutton bustin' for sure. It was so fun to watch. Finn was totally down to ride the sheep, but Ben was not down to pay $10 to watch Finn eat dirt and get trampled. Next year! Two days later we were back to the fairgrounds to see Willie Nelson. So fun.

Friday, September 3, 2010

So Brave

Leo survived his first day of Kindergarten like a champ. He was so brave. He says he hates it of course, and tried everything to get out of going back. But I think he will come around in a month or two. A short recap of his day:
-Everyone got superstars except for him.
His teacher is not as nice as he expected.
She didn't pay attention to him or talk to him at all.
All of the kids made fun of him.
It's actually the worst ever, as bad s bad can be.
His stomach hurt all day. -
Sounds torturous, no? It is hard to imagine the shock to his small beingness, going from hanging at home all day in his underwear, to hanging at school all day with a bunch of strange people and rules. But he is strong and smart and I know he will make his place. It's a neat school with all different kinds of people. The montessori curriculum allows a little more freedom and creative learning. And I cant wait to hang out in his classroom.
Drop off was so fast, there was no time for tears or protest, like ripping off a band-aid, he was in a nervous sort of daze. Here we are on the playground lining up to go into school and below is my last glimpse of him as I headed out the door.