Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dada and Finn

Dada is so loved.  Leo used to say D-d-d-d-d-daaaaaaa-da!  Finn likes to sing his name, in the sweetest baby voice he says Daaaaaaadaaaaaaa!  Finn also likes to call me Dada.  He can say Mama, but there is just something about that Dada.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Peter Pan Hat

Leo has had an alter ego for almost a year now. One moment he is Leo and then suddenly he will become Peter Pan.  Not only is he Peter, but Finn is Michael, I am Wendy, Ben is John, and today my dad was elevated to the status of Captain Hook.  So for Halloween, after changing his mind a million times we settled on the obvious and easiest, Peter Pan with Finn as a Lost Boy sidekick.  As the big day drew near we made a trip to the craft store, picked out the necessary elements and returned home to whip up a costume.  After I finished the hat and tunic I was so excited for him to try it on for size.  But in the half hour of anticipation that it took me to sew up the gear, it all became a little too real and Leo had a change of heart.  He had decided that he needed to just be Leo.  I think he thought I was actually going to turn him into Peter Pan and send him off to Neverland, and no amount of persuasion could convince him otherwise.  So I decided to let it go, after all, the preschool party was not for another 24 hours, and Halloween was days away.   Well, that night as Ben was tucking him in, I heard them talking.  Ben was consoling Leo in his sweetest-most supportive-gentle-hero-Dad-voice "Buddy, you don't have to dress up if you don't want to, nobody is going to make you wear something that you don't want to wear, don't worry....."  Meanwhile, I am thinking,  Aww, Ben is so sweet...but he will wear that cute fucking costume, and he will love it.  So the next day while Leo's protector was at work, I tried my best to convince him that if he just tried it on he would love it.  I even tried the psychology of whipping up a hat for Finn, who did wear it with pleasure.  Finally, I resorted to trying to just pop him into it really quick thinking that if he saw himself in the mirror he would think it was cool.  It was sort of like trying to wrestle a totally wild chimpanzee into a new outfit, and come to think of it, it was very much like the haircut scene from last Friday.  I guess you could say it was a parenting low on my part and ended with Leo sobbing hysterically that he just did not feel good and he needed a nap.  Needless to say, he did not wear the costume to the fall festival at preschool.  Halloween arrived a few days later, and Finn happily wore it all day long.  Finally at 8 o'clock as the annual family gathering at our house was winding down, Henry and my brother decide to go trick or treating to a few houses before they head home for the night.  Leo was instantly on board with the plan and into the Peter Pan costume in less than a minute.  He trick or treated at two houses and talked about it for weeks afterward.  And now, as we roll through the year Peter Pan is here to stay.  

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Dentist

I almost forgot to write about my blissful dental experience.  My new dentist is frickin' awesome. Maybe you didn't know, but I do have a thing for prescription drugs.  Not like I abuse them, just appreciate them.  I especially appreciate them when I am having my molar ground down to a nub and a temporary crown glued on top.  So two demerol, four something like valium, and a script for Vicodin for when the numbness wears off later, I am stumbling out of the chair and into the car with Ben.  Then since he is driving, I proceed to make about 10 work related phone calls and 5 non work related calls, and then promptly forget everything I have just talked about with whoever I called.  Thank goodness for the recent calls list on the cell phone!   I did drive to the grocery later, but that was fun too.  I got all kinds of great groceries.  Has anyone tried Haggan Daas Hawaiian Sweet Cream and Honey ice cream.  OMG!!!
Also, here is a glimpse of that new haircut.  I think the expression of "one look can say a thousand words" applies to Leo here.  

Girls Rule!

An ordinary day turns out EXTRAORDINARY!  
Fridays are my day to hang out at home with the boys, lots of times we run errands with my mom and get ourselves all set for a relaxing weekend.  Today we were off to get a haircut for Leo and swing into Kmart for a mop and a cute little garbage can that I have had my eye on for months, it's martha stewart brand of course.  So as we are heading up 11th toward the west end of town, we pass UPS and masses of people lined up from the field house around the block to the back of the baseball field.  I never watch or read the news so it is a total surprise to me that Hillary Clinton is in Tacoma!  However, there is no way I am going to park blocks away and wait in that line, in the rain, with the boys, so I am kind of bummed because I am intrigued by Hillary and would love to catch a glimpse of this historical woman.  
Well, I got the mop but they were out of the fun colored garbage cans, I can only stand so much chrome.  Then we have the most traumatic haircut ever, thank goodness there were no other mothers or children to witness it.  The screaming, the kicking, the tears, the yelling, the hitting, the kung fu style scissor block.  It was over the top dramatic, Leo in a nutshell.  
We are finally on our way home, passing UPS again, this time there are a bazillion cops but the Hillary fans are all inside.  So I hop out of the car and my mom heads home with the babies and I get to go in and see what all of the hubub is about. 
I was just in time to see her entrance and hear all of what she had to say to get people excited for the caucus tomorrow. As she spoke, I was most moved by her sense of fairness and the logical solutions that she would apply to so many issues that our country struggles with right now.   Honestly, I cannot say that I am a political person, but it was thrilling to see a woman who is SO full of passion and intelligence and who is wholly dedicated to public service and making America great again.  
So tonite I will be sitting here researching Obama, and trying to come to a decision on who to vote for at the caucus tomorrow.  I am sure that he has as much passion, intelligence, and realism to offer as Hillary.   I would be happy with either as our President.  But I also have this feeling of sinking desperation, the what if, the fear that the idiots of middle america and texas will band together and vote another fool to represent our country.  I could cry at the thought, I could almost say that I might be becoming a political person.  

Monday, February 4, 2008

TWO more things

Every baby loves Ben.
Ben has been working his butt off too.  He is the best Dad.

Bright and Shiny

Well, let's see how many times I can start out with, wow where this this past month go?...  
This is why my babyblog is a secret, my commitment level is unpredictable.  But here I am, it's February, it's freezing, I feel like all I have been doing is Takin' Care Of Business like crazy.
Let me break the busy down for you:  
We've been sweating at the other house and it is looking sooo cute for our new renter. *See sparkling clean freshly painted bathroom.   
Got my car serviced.    
Selling lots of wine.  
I have been cleaning out drawers and closets and basements, a favorite pastime.  I love getting rid of shit.  I've heard that the Goodwill is picky, but I don't even give them that option.  
I also cleaned out the fridge. 
I cut up my visa.
I organized my craft night.
This is huge, I have been writing things down on a calendar, so out of character, yet strangely addicting.  February is filling up fast! (sarcastic) 
I HAVE NOT been exercising retail therapy.  Excruciatingly painful.  
I did exercise, once.  
AND drummmmrooooollll, we got a new washer and dryer.  Holy shit it is domestic bliss to have a functioning dryer.  
Lastly, tomorrow I go to the dentist for a crown, a LEAST favorite pastime, but it is tolerable with pre medication.  I cant believe anyone would ever go to the dentist without taking a pill first, or maybe three, and I am not talking about advil.