Thursday, April 8, 2010

Try To Beat Our Bedhead

Before there were even three, Ben said "You're going to be one of those moms who doesnt even wash their kid's face before taking them out in public." Umm, yeah. Or brush their hair. Or make them take their p.j.s off. Who has time for those constant uphill battles? Not me.
So enjoy Abe while he is still cute people, because before you know it he will have joined the ranks of the messy but charming Leo and Finn. Those two should be famous for the bed head they sport on a regular basis. I honestly just forget to brush it out most days, and then when we get to school it's like I put on my public perspective eyes and think, 'oops! that's kind of a ratty head of hair!' But if you could see the antics associated with the appearance of a brush you might understand better. And I happen to think that the dandelion fluff quality of Finn's usual do is rather fun.
So anyways, I would love to have a bed head contest. I know some of you could really outshine even us in this category. I have photos to prove it. But post your own, it will be funny!