Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, we've been a little busy.
I wish I had an extra head and a few more arms, maybe if I did I would not lose my keys inside my car in the parking lot at Fred Meyer with three boys asking "did you look in your pocket?" over and over, and "can we have a popsicle now?" over and over. I unpacked the groceries 3 times, took the bale of hay out of the car (yes, a bale of hay), reorganized the library books, swore a lot, cried a little, left Ben a rude message, and then found them under Abe's seat where I had already looked many many times. Needless to say, sometimes I get frazzled. Lately when we go to the park I make everyone wear RED. ha!
Summer has been lovely so far, as long as you're not into sun that is, and I am totally not so it is peachy.
We went CAMPING for summer solstice! We have a tent the size of a Brooklyn apartment and I have penned a master list so I will never have to try to remember all of those 300 things that we cannot leave home without. We went with mostly moms and 15 kids all together. It was truly the most fun, relaxing, beautiful time, I will do it again at the drop of a hat if anyone is interested.
We have been to the beach house where I cannot resist taking pictures at the breakfast counter. The breakfast counter is the new staircase I guess.
We have a small urban farm in our backyard, complete with six chickens! But more about that later, the chickie-babies deserve a post or two of their very own.
We have finally broken into the organized sports scene! Look out tball coach, as soon as you turn your back Abe will grab the batting helmet and run the bases.
I turned 35! I did a lot of vintage shopping and have become re-addicted to the Goodwill and the mysteries it might behold. I also got scrubbed at the spa and spoiled by those who love me.
Alas, Abe is awake, but here is a story of photos that will bring you up to date on his baby life. He has gone from baby baby to baby on a mission to become a boy.

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Anonymous said...

Horray! I'm so glad SOMEONE is back into blogging! Love all the updates and growing baby photos. Micah has said some things to me recently about my "hovering" and how it is unnecessary. So I'm showering all my motherly love on baby Sawyer since my big baby is now apparently too old for me. Damn growing up. I'll be in for camping when this weather doesn't suck.